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Extruded Plastic SheetAt Seiler Plastics, our sheet production capabilities go beyond basic plastic sheet extrusion. We have the capability to convert your extruded plastic sheet into a finished product by utilizing the latest sheet fabricating technology, including: in-line slitting, die cutting, hole punching, thermoforming (our extruded sheet division is also a major supplier to our thermoforming operation), and more, to meet a wide variety of custom requirements. At Seiler Plastics we can extrude plastic sheet up to 60" wide depending on the thickness and material used. 

With our excellent customer service and in-house manufacturing process, we can customize your extruded plastic sheet needs quickly and cost effectively.

We have the capabilities to manufacture:

We can extrude many types of plastic sheet materials to fulfill your requirements including:

  • ABS Plastic Sheet (Low, Medium, and High Impact)
  • HDPE
  • High Impact Polystyrene
  • LDPE
  • MPE
  • Polypropylene

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Extruded plastic profiles

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Extruded Plastic Tubes

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