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St. Louis - Headquarters

Seiler Plastics Corporation
9750 Reavis Park Drive
St. Louis, MO 63123

Phone: 314-815-3030
Fax: 314-815-3025
Toll Free: 888-673-4537

Atlanta - Sales Office

Phone: 770-251-5344
Fax: 314-815-3025

Converting 4x8 Sheets vs. Extruding & Converting

With both sheet extrusion and die cutting capabilities under one roof, Seiler Plastics can typically create die cut plastic sheet products at a lower cost than most traditional converters can achieve using standard 4x8 plastic sheet.

While minimum quantities may apply, the savings in material and the ability to have the parts made to your thickness specifications often outweigh the alternatives.

Example One

Customer A needs a custom die part measuring approximately 3 feet wide and 3 feet long.

Standard Plastics Converter

Start with 4x8 sheet Die Cut Parts Measuring
3ft x 3ft from this Stock
4x8 Sheet
Remaining Scrap

Seiler Plastics Method

Extrudes sheet with specific dimensions to minimize scrap Die Cut Parts from
custom sheet
Remaining scrap is minimized
and costs are reduced

Example Two

Customer need plastic sheets Measuring 25" x 25"

Standard 4x8 sheet Seiler extrudes 25" wide sheet and cuts inline every 25"

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