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Clear Plastic Tube Packaging

Seiler Plastics manufactures clear plastic tube packaging for a variety of industrial and consumer applications. Utilizing plastic tubing is a cost-effective way to get your products noticed when using for a poster container, a shipping/feeder tube, a toy container, and much more! Having a clear container adds value because it allows customers to easily view the content inside the container, and can be reused to keep the content inside the package.

Listed below are several ways plastic packaging tubing can be used:

  • Poster Containers
  • Craft Containers
  • T-Shirt Containers
  • Cosmetic Containers
  • Games & Toys Containers
  • Candy & Gum Containers
  • Sporting Product Containers (Golf Balls, Baseball Bats, Fishing Lures, etc.)
  • Tool Products
  • Shipper/Feeder Containers

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