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Extruded Plastic Tubing

Extruded plastic tubing is one of our specialties at Seiler Plastics. We can extrude plastic tubes using a wide range of materials into sizes up to 3.0" outside diameter (O.D.), as well as secondary fabrication services for hole punching, slitting, and inline printing to meet your exact requirements. Our expert staff offers design and material consultation throughout the process to ensure the product functionality and aesthetic requirements are met.

As a leading plastic tube manufacturer, we produce rigid or flexible plastic tubing in clear and in a variety of colors.  In addition, we have the ability to co-extrude plastic tubing to create stripes. Our extensive offering of plastic tubing materials including ABS, Flexible PVC, Polyethylene, Polystyrene, Polypropylene, and more allow us to stay within your budget and meet your needs.

Extruded plastic tubes can be made to comply with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) or NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) requirements. Seiler Plastics can also extrude a variety of shapes including round, oval, triangular, rectangular,
and square in a variety of material and colors. Contact us if you would like for us to send you a sample of our products.

All plastic tubing can be cut to length in-line and some sizes can be coiled on reels. Our plastic tubes can be used for a variety of consumer and industrial products.

In addition, we offer secondary operations to extruded plastic tubing which include die cutting, hole punching, in-line slitting, printing, and light assembly

Plastic Tubing Materials

Read more about the various plastic tubing materials that we extrude including various polyethylenes, polypropylene, PETG, and more.

Plastic Tubing Sizes

From 0.125" to 3.00", we have tooling for more than 50 sizes that can be used with a variety of materials.

Extruded Plastic Tubing Applications

Our extruded plastic tubes can be used for many consumer and industrial applications ranging anywhere from water resistant mailing and storage tubes to tubing used to manufacture bird feeders. 

Please CONTACT US for a sample and to further discuss your extruded plastic tubing applications.



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