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Custom Plastic Profile Extrusion Materials

At Seiler Plastics our technical team will help you choose the correct material for your custom plastic profile extrusion, U-channel, and trim application. Our team has years of experience and will examine the application to determine the best and most cost-effective solution to meet your plastic profile needs.

Plastic Profile Extrusion Materials Property Chart

  Outdoor Weathering Impact Strength Rigidity Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion Heat Distortion Temperature Clear or Opaque
Low impact
Medium impact
High impact
Fair to poor
Fair to poor
Fair to poor



Clear or Opaque

Butyrate Excellent Excellent Excellent Good  Good  Clear or Opaque 
Flexible PVC Excellent Excellent Poor Fair Poor Clear or Opaque
High Density Polyethylene Fair Excellent Good Fair Good Opaque
Low Density Polyethylene Fair Excellent Fair Fair Good Opaque
Linear Low Density Polyethylene Fair Excellent Good / Fair Fair Good Opaque
PETG Poor Excellent Excellent Good Good Clear or Opaque
Polypropylene Fair To Poor Outstanding Good Fair Good Opaque
Polystyrene Poor Poor Good Fair Good Opaque

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